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hi all in this guide i will teach you how to send email with custom domain by piggbacking off existing 3-party services

prerequsite to this

  • you own a domain name
  • you are using cloudflare as dns provider and had migrated to it
  • you are registered to a free email provider ie:

first under cloudflare domain management you will see email routing click on that and enable email routing while follow the wizard

and create the dns record that it asked you to

now send a testing email to your new domain name see if it work correctly

now on the sending side we have some option ither host your own stmp server or use someone else free plan for the service which i had tested

  • send in blue
  • mail2go

from testing for proper email use send in blue due to it support dkim record and proper email domain authentication for notification email use mail2go

for sendinblue you need to follow their instruction on how to setup email record

TIP: when creating txt record with the same setting v=spf1 you can include multiple domain

to sign up for these services you need to beable to receive the authentication email using custom domain name

so just use your custom address to receive the email

now to hook it to gmail

create an smtp account in your stmp provider

then they will provide the setting to connect to gmail

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