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How to set up the NFS server on macOS?

sudo chmod 640 /etc/exports
sudo nfsd checkexports
sudo nfsd enable
sudo nfsd start
nfsd status

showmount -e

sudo nfsd stop
sudo nfsd disable

cat /etc/exports 
#/tmp/sarayut -mapall=sarayut -network -mask
#/tmp/sarayut (rw,alldirs,insecure,sync,no_subtree_check,no_root_squash,no_all_squash,crossmnt)

sudo cat /etc/exports 
#/Users/sarayut -mapall=sarayut -network -mask
#/Volumes/ST8TB -mapall=sarayut -network -mask
#/Volumes/New8TB -mapall=sarayut -network -mask

sudo nfsd restart

#On Linux
#sudo apt install nfs-kernel-server
sudo apt install nfs-common
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